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I'm glad everyone got my point. AR's right, he didn't have to drive behind the building but he did so to prove a point to DeAnna.

Some info on my niece's husband. This man makes money hand over fist. He is, in fact, what is known as a "liquid" millionaire, probably two or three times over. He can liquidate all of his "assets" in a hearbeat if he so desires. Not only does he own a huge and very respected Pawn Shop (he even tells some folks to take their jewelry to a jewelry store as they'll get far more for it than he gives), he nevertheless is the consumate business professional. What most don't know is that he makes more money when he gets home than he ever does in his retail business. He lives on his I-Pod and has every electronic means of contact known to the human race. He is also a pragmatist. This man buys NOTHING new. Yet he owns priceless stuff. Ten years ago he showed me his "collection" of old currency. They were in scrap book type folders. I asked him, "What is this stuff worth?" His reply, "Oh, about a couple of hundred thousand dollars. (!) He finally, at strong urging from yours truly put it in safe deposit boxes! To him, it was nothing more than an historical collection!

He is a classical example of "The Classic American Entrepreneuer." He wants to retire at fifty and not have a financial worry whatsoever once he does. Take it to the bank, he will! He listens and seeks advice from virtually anyone he trusts, even me!

Speaking of "Pawn Shops" he says that "Pawn Stars" misses the best and most interesting part of the business, and that is THE CUSTOMERS! I hang out there a lot when I'm in their town and he's 100 % correct. They're fascinating! From all strata of society! Some buy, some pawn and some sell. Everything from deadbeats to high rollers. It's amazing. Oh, and by the way, they all LOVE his business, especially his Father-In-Law (my older brother).

BTW. when just about every gun store in this country was out of guns and ammo a little over a year ago, he had plenty of BOTH! He was selling to some of the larger gun dealers in the country! Oh, and is he "slick?" Not on your life! Everything is documented to the nth degree and he adheres not just to the law but to the letter of the law! How can he do that and be so successful. The answer is simple, it's good business!

Does he take care of his family members (on both sides) and his employees? Like you'd never ever believe!

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