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Originally Posted by commission1 View Post
I come from a culture where your word is your bond, period. I just paid for a 14 day cruise a few weeks before departure in full, I am good for it, 1680 is way over the top. You know, no use to rehash, it is what it is

Again other opinions may very, that is cool
Yes, everybody has their own opinions. That is indeed cool, and it is cool that we can express them on this board without anyone taking offense at seeing different opinions than their own. Thanks for expressing yours.

Sadly, the idea that your word is your bond has become very rare in the world today. Also sadly, the idea that you should be a good financial manager and use your credit card wisely is becoming more and more rare. Businesses have to protect themselves not only against dishonesty but also against financial mismanagement.

I was for a long time in a high end retail business. It was not at all unusual to sell something for say, $2000, and have the customer pull out 5 credit cards and say, "I have $300 available on this one, and $600 on this one, and $200 on this one ..."

This is why ALL cruise lines that I know of, and most hotels, and even gas stations, do indeed put a hold on cards. Next time you pump gas look for a little notice someplace on the pump.

Honestly, it seems that the OPs only problem with the situation is the amount the cruise line chooses to hold. He would be Ok with $700 but not with $1700? I actually imagine that the average on board bill for a couple for a week is closer to the latter figure. In any case, it is the way business is done these days. If you want to have an open on board account, then in one way or another you have to guarantee payment. Sadly telling the cruise line that "Your word is your bond" does not produce anything they can take to the bank.

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