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Good morning Rollerdonna, Chuck and all who follow.

You know Donna, I'm only going to grill a ribeye and have a baked potato and brussel sprouts and for me these days, that's a feast. Being alone, I don't have the appetite nor the desire to fix big meals such as I used to do every Sunday. Some days I actually have to make myself eat something and I'm not always successful at that. Today when I got up I told myself I had to eat a balanced meal whether I wanted to or not, hence the steak came out of the freezer.

There is still a lot to do in the house but with just some regular cleaning I'm getting to the stage (at least the house is getting to the stage) where I can have company and I hope to start having friends over for dinner, etc.

Chuck, I am a kindrid spirit when it comes to the efforts of moving. The next time I move is when they put me in the box. I absolutely love my home but even if I didn't, I couldn't go through that process again. Packing and moving my books alone and disregarding everything else, I .... well, can't even contemplate such a task. Last weekend when the girls were here and cleared out all of Fran's stuff and basically gave me my house back, I figured I have more books that even I thought.

I've always been the proverbial "pack rat," something I've finally realized I cannot continue.

Yesterday we made over $3,200 at our road block fund raiser and the support our Humane Society receives locally is nothing short of phenomenal, especially when one considers this county has over 14% unemployment and wages in this part of the country are virtually peanuts anyway. I worked the busiest intersection and at least fifty people whom I of course didn't know, took the time to express their sadness about my losing Fran including even a guy in a big rig who dropped a ten spot into my bucket. I was just stunned.

Well, it's going to be a pretty and warm day here in upper East Tennessee and I hope that all of my beloved cruisemates, regardless of their weather, have a marvelous Sunday.

Prayers for those on the list and of course a prayer for Blessings upon all continue.

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