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Originally Posted by ninamarie View Post
well i was on that ship that night and the captain had said that a person had gotten sick and was needing medical we were already one and half hours out from cozumel..and we stopped and turned around and headed back and the tender boat was there and got the person off and the captain had asked that we all pray for this person complete recovery...later on that evening the captain got on and said it was a successful delivery ...the next day (saturday) the captain got on and said that we all should continue praying for this person and that we were going to be two or so hours late coming into galveston...later on people were saying it was a male and that he had a mini stroke a couple of weeks earlier and then had another stroke that day after getting back from cozumel. Sunday, we all heard that the man was flown into galveston to be with his family...two different stories...
This is NOT the same event.
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