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Lol thanks everyone for all of the replies and We did go on a cruise in march and left her with my in laws and while it was nice to have some free time i was very sad and missed her a lot and had to stay busy otherwise i would miss her too much so i just don't think i want to do that again because it didn't leave any time for relaxing. i do know it will be a very different experience bringing her along with me as opposed to what we are used to but i just have to mentally prepare for that i think we are just going to do an inside cabin and have my mother next door to use and see about letting her sleep in the bed does anyone know if maybe they have bed rails if that doesn't work we will get a pack and play and set it up in the room and deal with it if the bed works she can just sleep in my mothers room thatnks so much for everyone's help and rest assured we wont be having to GO on the balcony lol!!
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