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Default Ghost on Carnival Conquest, room 6412

I am new to this forum, but I have a purpose. I wish to know if anyone else had a strange experience on Carnival Conquest, room 6412.
I had just dressed for dinner. The time was approximately 530 pm on Sept 23, 2011. I was admiring my reflection in the mirror in the new dress I had purchased in Cozumel. I clearly heard a male voice that said softly: "You look beautiful tonight". I looked toward my husband. He was on the balcony, with the door shut. I looked at the TV, it was on the menu channel playing only music. I blew it off. Thinking perhaps it came from the hall. I am deaf in one ear and cannot hear directionally. I went back to admiring my dress. Again I heard: "You look beautiful tonight." I dashed out to the balcony and told my husband: "Either there is a camera videoing us with a speaker in our room or there is a ghost..." and I told him of my experience. He didn't doubt me. (bless him). I have never heard mysterious voices before. In fact, most of the time, I do not hear clearly and have to ask for a repeat.
I do not drink. Nor does he, except on rare occasions.

Coincidentally, this happened within an hour before the time of the "man overboard-event" that happened, tragically this same night.
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