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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
To start with your last statement, there wasn't much of a discount because of hurricane this season, very little in fact. There are also those who have no choice as to when the sail - families, teachers others who only get their vacations in the summer etc. etc.

As for what they could have done - they could have TRIED. By their own admission they didn't even do that. There is no excuse for their behaviour during this event. They treated people badly. It's as simply as that.

I am the first one to scream - get insurance - however there is always a one off and this was it. How a company behaves in a one off tells a lot about them. And in this same, doesn't say much..........................They waited to see what they were going to be able to get away with that would cost them the least amount of money.

The fact is, those that were left behind, especially the 8 that stood on the dock for half an hour, kept their end of the contract, RCL didn't. All the excuses in the world from the loyalists isn't going to change that fact.
Funny thing Felix, all cruise lines have loyalists. I have read several threads over the years involving several different lines of a former loyalist who had something negative happen to them-then they were singing a different tune. I always laugh at those threads-as the saying goes "you reap what you sow," if you are judgmental toward others-don't be surprised if you get slapped in the face yourself. I learned along time ago there is no true reward for loyalty in this life.
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