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Originally Posted by doopydozer View Post
Thet aren't making any money of the hold . A "HOLD" is away that the
Credit Card company guarantees the cruise line that money will be avaiable
at the end of the cruise. Charge privileges aren't removal from your card.
Nobody on board takes or handles cash except the customer services desk.
So how are you going to pay for the gratuities anything else your going to buy?
I am not going to buy anything, I already paid for an all inclusive I dont need to buy anything else, I will prepay gratuities, then tell them I dont want charging priviledges on the room keys. In theory if what HAL is saying is true then there would be no reason to place the hold, I dont want a 1680 hold on my account. Dont know why this would be a problem with HAL, but we will see. I will let everyone know
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