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Several years ago, we got one these offers and some friends whom we had cruised with before talked us into going with them to the presentation. I hate to admit this, but I do get some amusement out of yanking high pressure sales people around. But, after some serious digging, and some insider help from a friend in the cruise industry, I found out the gimmick.
They do actually book cabins on cruises to "give" away...if you don't count all those stupid bogus fees, but every time you pick a date, you will hear back that it is not available. You have to give them the money before you get which sailing dates you can choose from. Then, they are always unavailable. They basically just hold onto your money until you give up. I sicced my credit card company on them and got mine back.
But, booking a couple of cabins to dangle as prizes is how they avoid the government coming down on their cheating.....ahem, hearts. Just don't expect to ever get on a ship through them.
Also, at the presentation, I could not believe how many people actually believed their lines. You pay them up front to be your travel agents for the rest of your life. What? It looked like it "might" have some value if you flew around the world a lot, but people who can afford that are not going to go to a free cruise scam presentation in the first place. Definitely pitched to make middle class suckers feel like they could be living the high life. "Concierge service" was mentioned so many times I started giggling.
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