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A sunny, but cool day in NW Ohio. Until the rain comes, again, later today!! Been out and about and busy as all get out!

Had infusion and leg scan on Monday, followed by DH surgery yesterday to put in an ear tube! Yes, at 50+ years, he still has major ear problems. Now his ear is draining like a faucet!! Ugh!

Took older dog to vet yesterday. She has a hot spot on her rear leg that is swollen. Also, itching, biting and scratching herself all over. It amazes me how quickly the predisone has helped her. We have a "new" dog today. She is resting and not biting, licking or itching herself. It was beginning to drive me nuts! So much better so quickly, I feel bad I did not take her to the vet sooner!

Well, lots to catch up in my office. Have a good day to all!
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