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Originally Posted by ruthlessboss View Post
OMG, is this thread going to stop

This guy is on his OWN AGENDA, plans to beat the system somehow while spending nothing. Nothing WE say, makes any sense to him. Don't know if it's stubbornness (I have an ex like that) or naiive.
I agree, the hold is large, but maybe it's been large before and he didn't know it if he has unlimited credit!
Ruth I agree but Donna may be correct - his credit limit may not permit such a large hold. As MercedMike says, I am sure HAL are just beiing upfront.

That all said and done, I would not like to be his other half - imagine going on vacation for 2 weeks and spending zilch. I have seen it done but it would not be my kind of vacation. BTW I can be Scrooge or splurge with the best of them.

If he has the insurance 'cancel for any reason' - IMHO he should cancel rather being miserable penny pinching for 2 weeks - it is meant to be a vacation. Or get an additional cc which is used only for vacation expenses.

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