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Originally Posted by anniegb View Post
Ruth I agree but Donna may be correct - his credit limit may not permit such a large hold. As MercedMike says, I am sure HAL are just beiing upfront.

That all said and done, I would not like to be his other half - imagine going on vacation for 2 weeks and spending zilch. I have seen it done but it would not be my kind of vacation. BTW I can be Scrooge or splurge with the best of them.

If he has the insurance 'cancel for any reason' - IMHO he should cancel rather being miserable penny pinching for 2 weeks - it is meant to be a vacation. Or get an additional cc which is used only for vacation expenses.

Thought about "the other half" too, poor thing. "But dear, I want a drink" "No, I said we aren't spending any money", "But, dear, I'd like....." "no, not spending any money"......
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