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Originally Posted by Bruce Chafkin1 View Post
I'm not a smoker, but a Cruise Ship Hotel Director who has to hear the multitude of complaints about smoking.

You mention that some smokers PRETEND not to see the smoking signs.
You may be correct - or maybe they are just not paying attention.
Then you say that "the casino is one place that all ships have a non-smoking section".

That is just not true. Many of the 23 cruise ships I have managed in my career do not have a no smoking section. Could it be that you are also PRETENDING not to see the signs -or maybe you are not paying attention either?
Bruce, I know we've had some recent smoking threads, but you replied to a post by RJSMOM from 2006. Thread appears to have been resurrected on the post before yours. Always enjoy your comments, but this time I bet Elvis has left the building...
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