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I totally agree - being in the medical field - donate your body to science!!! Wouldn't pay for memorial at sea -- but one ash at a time you can throw...(just kidding). I did do something YEARS ago that probably shouldn't have been done. My dad died and the only state he had not been was alaska. My husband and I were taking our 25th anniversary cruise to alaska (2 years planning) and I wanted to cancel because of his death (he died like 6 or 7 weeks before we left). My kids insisted we go, so we did and had a good time (have since been back to find out what I missed). It was a wonderful cruise as it was my healing - not the party carribbean style of cruising if you know what I mean. Anyway - going down Alaska waters, I brought a hat of dads, kissed it and threw it over (sorry). He now has been to every state. As far as his ashes - they are in a beautiful marble urn - watching over us in my living room. I know TMI! And he is the first thing I take when we evacuate for a hurricane!!!
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