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Originally Posted by ninamarie View Post
I just got off of the carnival conquest sept 11-18, my friends brought a 6pk of sodas each, and water as well. They did not have any problems bringing it on board. Since Carnival no longer has punch, we also brought those "mio" squirters to use with the water for a change of pace. I cannot drink alcohol (medical reasons), so, I have to get my kicks off of sodas, tea or water. I have never "enjoyed" the tea they have. I usually get a soda card..but this time, I brought a couple of sodas for myself..and when I went to port, I picked up a couple of sodas. I found them from a dollar to two dollars at each port..alot cheaper if you dont need a lot of sodas...I know my friends got a couple of alcoholic drinks ..they were about eight to ten dollars each..and these were not the drink of the day..those are about 12 or so dollars. However..I guess to each their own and whatever floats your boat..always love my cruising experience...
yes there is no problem bringing on 12 20 ounce drinks per person and 1 bottle of wine pp as long as you carry it on.

The rules now are different from when this thread was started 4 years ago.

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