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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
I have heard stories of great buyout packages; but that is not always the case. My cruise this month was oversold for quite a while; then people would cancel for one reason or another. Ends up the "deal" (at least on cruise before ours) was just to give you your money back. Apparently, there are enough people that have had work or other things come up (e.g., financial difficulties) that have been taking the offer. Of course, if that offer had not worked for enough people, they would have sweetened the offer until they had the necessary volunteers. Oceania had an episode of involuntary bumping at last minute a few years back and with all the bad press I would never do that again.
what happens if ther are not enough volunters then how do they decide who to Bump? I would guess loyalty to the cruise line would play a part.Then what just throw everyones name in a hat?And I wonder how far in advance do they notify you? I would not imagine they would let you get all the way to the ship to tell you that you have been bumped!Sounds like a bummer to me I mean what a let down
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