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Just happened upon this thread....

This scam is also going on here in California.
We received the post card and called the phone number. A nice man answered the phone and told us we would get an "ocean view room" if we attended the 90 minute presentation.

The presentation was almost exactly as others described...a $9,000 fee to join their travel club. The guy giving the presentation even used his "family" in the slide show to say how great the club was
We stayed after and asked several questions, all of which were answered non-specificly.

We declined purchasing and were sent to another desk to get our free cruise voucher. Here we were presented with another sales pitch for a "trial version" of the travel club for $999. We thought this might be a good way to go, so we said yes. After giving up our credit card, they presented us with a contract to sign. The gal wanted us to sign each page as she went over it, but we decided to read the whole contract before any signing was done.


The gist of the contract does not matter what you were told verbally by anyone during the presentation, it only matters what is in writing in this contract. No guarantees of ANYTHING!

We asked to see their business license and another gal showed up with a piece of paper saying they could sell travel services. It was a photocopy. We also asked if they were ok'ed by the BBB and she said no.

We then declined this service (luckily we did not sign the credit card slip), slipped the credit card slips in my purse along with the unsigned contract and then had to initial the "free cruise" paperwork. This paperwork also said it did not matter what was promised at the presentation verbally

We were told this was the last time we would ever be offered this wonderful deal and that we really missed out on a great opportunity.


Needless to say, we are not sending in any money for a free cruise

Best part of the story......
yesterday we received ANOTHER post card in the mail
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