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Default Travel Plans to Seattle...

My husband and I are booked on the Golden Princess Sept. 8th, 2012! I am a planner, and it is killing me that I cannot yet see flight info, excursions, etc! However, I have priced several options for August to get an idea, and am trying to narrow them down! I was told September may be cheaper because it is later in the Season and is less since school has started already, so that would be something to keep in mind.

We are flying out of the Phoenix area, and I have several choices (two general ideas). I can fly out of PHX (our large airport with all the big airlines) on Southwest, Alaska, or another big name, or out of a smaller airport (Mesa-Gateway) on Allegiant. Here is my concern:

The larger lines are typically twice the cost of Allegiant! For two people after tax and fees for similar dates to ours, the best deal on Orbitz was around $690 round trip. Allegiant for the same was $495. Not quite 1/2, but better for sure.

The reason it is less (I believe), is because they fly in and out of smaller cities. This flight would take me to Bellingham, two hours north of Seattle. They also have limited days they fly to each destination. So in this case, we would have to fly into Bellingham on a Thursday evening for our cruise Saturday, return to port Saturday and fly home Sunday.

This causes 3 additional nights in a hotel, as well as travel from Bellingham to Seattle. This could be good or bad. Neither of us have been to Washington, and would enjoy the extra time to look around.

I have figured out after a little research, that the Amtrak runs from Bellingham to Seattle for $44 a couple. I am unsure, however, at how much transportation from the airport to the Amtrak and from Amtrak to the hotel will add.

Hotel wise, we are not picky people. We have stayed in Motel 6 locations all over, as well as Marriott resorts and everything between. On the best deal, in my opinion, was $127 a night for a King Bed with a kitchenette in room and a complimentary breakfast buffet. It is within two miles of the Amtrak and a few miles from the cruise pier. Not too bad.

I could go on and on about all the options, but my point is that after I crunched all the numbers (which will be different for the actual dates we need), I have to make a general choice.

So for Allegiant (for two after taxes and fees):
11 Day, 10 Night Trip
8 Days of Cruise
Roundtrip Airfare (Thur, Sun)= $494.76
Amtrak to Seattle= $44
2 Nights at Hilton= $254 (breakfast and shuttle included)
1 Night at Hilton (returning)= $114
Returning Amtrak= $44
TOTAL= $950.76

Best Orbitz Deal (for two after taxes and fees):
8 Days, 7 Night Trip
All Cruise
Roundtrip Airfare= $684.78
TOTAL= $684.78 (plus cost for shuttle to and from pier)

That is a difference of $225.98 for an additional 3 nights and 2 full days to spend in Seattle.

So my question to all of you? Is it worth it?

Any tips or suggestions would be great! Thank you!!

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