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Default Oct 29 Summit 7 days San Juan cruise

Oct 29 Summit 7 days San Juan to San Juan Cruise

There is the possibility that I have a cruisemate for the relocation cruise from Cape Liberty on the Summit but since it is not firmed up I am still looking for a cruisemate for the Oct 23 Summit 6 days Cape Liberty to Puerto Rico cruise. If the cruisemate comes through I still need a cruisemate for Oct 29 Summit 7 days San Juan to San Juan Cruise

I really enjoy back to back cruises. It offers variety for a straight SWM, I have been on several cruises and tend to spend most of my time outside of the room and primarily utilize the cabin to sleep and change clothes. I don't really care if the person is a M or F as long as they are respectful that they are sharing a room. Previous cruises were successful because we respected each others space and honored the parameters set prior to the cruise and all went very smoothly. We can do as much together or as little together as we agree to. I will answer any appropriate questions you may have and I thank you for your time and consideration.

Email address is lionfishkiller@gmail. Join the lionfish hunt. This beautiful but venomous fish, native to the Pacific, has infested the Caribbean reefs and is busy seriously messing up the ecosystem's delicate balance. They have no natural predators and do nothing but eat other fish all day. Worst of all, their preferred prey are small snapper and grouper nature's most delicious fish.
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