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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
The same way as you would a picture. Go to User CP, at the top left of the page, and then go to "Edit Avatar" and add your Avatar. If it is a .gif it should work but it is possible the animation will be sacrificed if the system resizes it.

You can upload one from your computer or pull one from the web. Just remember the size cannot be too large. To upload from your system click the "Browse" button. To pull one from the web you need to copy and paste the URL "OF THE PICTURE", not the page the picture is on, into the box. If you are using IE you can get the URL of the picture by right clicking on the picture > selecting "Properties" > copy the URL and then pasting it into your Avatar selection.

The recommended picture size is a maximum of something like 80 pixels x 80 pixels. The system will resize larger pictures but there is a limit so don't try uploading a 4MB picture.

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