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Sure I'll do a follow up.I know everybody has there own idea of what is good and bad, and we have taken enough cruises on several different lines to feel that we have a way to compare each of them. When the raw sewage smell is so bad that half of the crowd at the art auction had to leave the room, then I think it smells. It would just appear and then drift away after 10-15 min. We had this happen all around the ship and almost everyday in our cabin #11423. we felt the entertainment was lacking and the main shows where just OK. We only ate in the dining room once and used the other options on the Lido deck for the rest of the time. The Pasta,burrito and deli had good food,but only open from noon to 3PM. The buffet was edible but tasteless and the desserts were awful! Thank god for the ice cream machine. They only have 2 small pools for over 4500 people so forget about those. Plenty of hot tubs, but those fill up with kids who use them as a playpool. Had a hot tub in the adults area but they seemed to have the same group in them ALL day long? got to wonder about the water quality if you know what I mean! I will say the spa thermo rooms are the best I have ever seen and having a co-ed dry sauna was a nice touch. I did check the steam room out in the gyms locker room and found a small (6 people) steam room that towards the end of the week looked like it needed a good gallon of bleach. What amazed me was seeing guys walking in there barefoot! So all in all, the Dream is a nice ship but not much different than other Carnival ships. Only bigger. We have found that Princess tends to put out a better quality in the food department. Granted there ships are a little smaller and not the same party crowd that Carnival gets. Thats why we bounce around to different lines. Depends on what we want at that time. Hope this helps, and no the negative comments to my post's won't bother me one bit.
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