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My intention is not to refute nor verify what the O.P said re / the Dream. Simply stating my personal observation. I have sailed the ship twice-- once last year and the last time was on Sept. 17th to 24th, western route, deck 8, balcony cabin. I never smelled sewage anywhere at any time.
I was at the art auction and never once smelled sewage--I saw people leaving because the " free " champagne was slow in coming and people started going to where the waitstaff was bringing it out from the back and by the time they got a tray out, people were taking it off the tray, the waitstaff would have to go back, get another tray, get it highjacked again
so if you were sitting in the art auction area and waiting on champagne, it's not likely you got much, if any.
Re / the food in the dining room, I had no complaints with the exception of what they called prime rib. Were I Carnival, I would simply remove this item from the menu. I ordered it once and got something that was supposed to be prime rib but it was about 1/4 inch thin, tough and pretty much tasteless. Could have been a flavored shoe sole as far as I know.I simply stuck with the fish, chicken and other dishes after that one time and had plenty.
The buffet is buffet food. I thought it, for the most part, good, as there's some things I liked and some I didn't--same as a buffet in Vegas or anywhere else.
Re / the desserts in the dining room and buffet, they were plentiful and varied and, in my opinion, very good. Again, some I liked better than others but as I said, I'm not here to refute nor verify what the O.P has said.
We had late seating, lower level in the Scarlett Dining room. The Maitre' D did a good job--he was very visible. kept a good eye on the dining room and the waitstaff were efficient.
The cabin stewards were efficient and did their job well.There were 3 couples of us and no one had any complaints.
I only went to the pursers desk a couple of times for change for smaller bills when going ashore and once for priority tendering. My experience with the staff there was that they were efficient and friendly.
We ordered room service breakfast a couple of times and it was very quickly served up, although on Carnival you are limited for breakfast to pretty much rolls, pastries, cereal, coffee etc. No eggs, bacon, etc.
I don't do reviews and haven't meant for this to be one. I'm simply stating my experience on the Dream a week and half ago-- we had no complaints, smelled no sewage, saw no one leaving the art auction because of odors, although a large group could have silently passed gas that caused a mass exodus !
The ship was clean, well maintained, the crew efficient, and helpful.
The only thing I didn't understand was when we first started to go through the security check line, there were 2 distinct lines--one for Platinum guests and one for non Platinum. However when the lines reached the security point, they merged into one line-- why have 2 lines--one marked for Platinum guests, one for the others and then merge the lines at the end--made little sense to me but we were aboard within 45 minutes from entering the terminal. We had a good cruise and had no complaints.
Again, my purpose by writing this was not to refute nor verify anything that was said by the O.P re / his cruise--simply stating my experience and that of the other 2 couples with us.
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