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It was sad, mostly because I was there, this was my first time being on a cruise and just leaving Cozumel this guy jumps off the ship with so many people seeing him jump and fall like in a canon style and some saw him floating but by the time the ship crew knew they threw out the Distress Beacon late like 6 minutes late the guy jumped by the Old PIER in Cozumel where Conquest use to docked but Crew and some securities didn't believe some of the passengers who literally saw the jump fall in front of there faces! Some ladies crying and begging the security and crew to take the ship more back because they were looking at the wrong place! Man the cruise was fun but that tragedy killed our fun most of people jumped out and didn't eat that night it was bad and sad! And the most sad i have that guy on a video i have i saw a picture of him on a news channel and i saw the video it was HIM! And he was having fun! Either he was drunk or the wife did something to cause him to jump!

And like i mentioned i was on the Carnival Conquest when it happened!
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