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Originally Posted by Fern View Post
This is JMHO, but I would not book a balcony cabin with children this young. As you probably know, they're smarter than they look and could easily bypass the locks and climb on the balcony furniture !

I'd book an oceanview cabin so you have some sunlight. A cabin that sleeps 4 will have either 2 overhead bunks (along with 2 "on the floor" beds) or 1 bunk and a pull out sofa. Your Room Steward can furnish you with guard rails as/if needed.

If there's a pull out sofa bed you might want to put both of them there.

Have a wonderful cruise!
Have you experienced or seen someone receive guard rails for children? I called Carnival yesterday and they advised me the only guard rails are the one already installed on the upper bed and that rails are not available for other beds.
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