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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
I think every ship goes through "sewage smell" issues at one time or another. When we were on Radiance of the Seas it was an ongoing problem and they were gradually replacing the plumbing on all the upper decks.

I sailed on Carnival Liberty in June and enjoyed the cruise but I would have to say that the overall food in the dining room and the buffet was not up to what I had experienced on previous Carnival cruises. Also, the buffet desserts, while pretty, were terrible. Tasteless with icings that tasted like they were made with Crisco and not butter or dairy. These issues were not so bad that I wouldn't book it again. I'm actually sailing on Carnival Liberty next March. However, if the food quality has dropped another notch I may have to rethink Carnival.

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Mike, Last September I was aboard Liberty on my vacation. I too found the food in the Lido area to be lacking. I was also disappointed that the Asian Wok had been replaced by a burrito bar. Not as good as it was on my first trip on her in 2007. I was not in the least disappointed with the food on in the dining room.I certainly would not hesitate to book Liberty again as she was one of my favorite ships.
A couple of months later I was on Sensation and everything was great in all dining areas areas that I chose. Soon I will be sailing on Inspiration from Tampa and I hope she is as good as I have come to expect from Carnival over all.

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