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I had a chance to speak to "Happily Ever After" (who posted above) on the telephone and I got a lot of info.

My gut says depasqjj's just quit because he was partly doing it for our benefit, but he must have hit a brick wall where he couldn't go any further, and he left it up in the air.

The scam is to frustrate to user until they give up - he kept going, but they will even just get to the point where you can't get them on the phone, or to reply to an email, etc.

I think they may have a few cruise cabins reserved - which is all they need to keep them "legal," but if you want to sail on one of them you can't because then they wouldn't be available as a "Free Cabin" anymore.

It is enough to know it is a scam - maybe one that is very hard to prove as illegal - but it IS a scam no matter how hard you presss them. Maybe the law can't really stop them (laws often have loopholes - look at the Windjammer debacle - they stole millions and as far as I know no one was ever arrested).
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