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Originally Posted by Uk-Jay View Post
Hi just booked the epic for 3rd June 2012, are honeymoon never been on a cruise before, so well looking forward to it. Just looking for some tips to do on board & off. Is it best paying tips before going on? Also I dint get the paying restaurants were it's says 10/15/20$ per person extra, is that just to eat there then you pay for the food or is that what you pay? Am on deck 8044 if anybody been close to that cabin, is it any good!! Is it a good ship & any help of anybody would be great. Thanks for anybody's help, can't edit for nxt ye now.
Thanks Jay.
Congratulations on your first cruise. I believe you will love the Epic. It has some of the best entertainment and dining you will find on any ship. I sailed her last year and was very impressed with the dining and entertainment. The Blue Man Group and Legends were very enjoyable. I also enjoyed the Murder Mystery Lunch. Cirque wasn't too enjoyable for me but that was probably more a matter of personal taste rather than the show.

The price you pay for the additional charge restaurants is includes the food. If it's $25 that's the price for whatever you order. You will pay extra for wine or alcoholic drinks.

The "free" restaurants are quite good and I think you'll be happy with them but I strongly suggest that you try two or three of the additional charge restaurants. Moderno, Cagney's and the Asian restaurants were my favorites. O'Sheehans Pub, no additional charge for food, was also a REAL favorite for lunch and breakfast.

When you want to pay the gratuities is up to you. Do you want your final bill a little less? If you do then pre-pay them. It's really up to you.

I do have to admit that I was not a fan of the cabins. Many people love them but I did not like the layout and the "wave" design gave me the feeling of it being cramped. We did have three adults in the cabin and it would have been less "cramped" with two but I've done three in a cabin before with no problem. By no means are the cabins a major issue and I would not worry about it. I will admit I am REALLY picky about cabin space and what many folks find acceptable is far too small for my liking.

You will have a great time and the biggest problems you will have is figuring out what activity you want to do, what show you want to see and where you want to eat.

Take care and enjoy Epic,
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