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Originally Posted by RaceAddict View Post
I wasn't aware this was possible, but I recently came across the CruiseFish site and unless I'm misreading something, it is. Am I correct in understanding that if I pay $1000 per person right now for a cruise next year, and over the course of time the fare drops to $800 per person by the time we sail I can get $200 per person back just by asking? :???:

Is it that simple?

Or am I missing something?
Depends on what cruiseline you are speaking of and what fare code you are booking under. Generally.... If you find a lower rate BEFORE FINAL PAYMENT DATE and it is applicable to your sailing date or if you are eligible for a discounted rate i.e. state resident discount, sr. fare, past guest, military, etc......than the difference in the original rate vs. the lower rate would reduce your final payment amount. Some cfruiselines require you to fill out a form depending on the fare code you booked under, if working with a TA, they should be able to take care of the paperwork (if required) for you. Once PAST FINAL PAYMENT DATE in general, if lower fares are found, you will not qualify for any OBC or refund, but could possibly be provided with a nice upgrade to a higher category if it is pricing out at or below your cruise fare.

Alot depends on which cruiseline you are booking with and the rate code that is used.
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