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Default Re: Re: Re: smoking on the millenium

JIm, you did say that I was lying... and as I said I have absolutely no reason to do this.
And even if I was, your job as a moderator on this board is to promote discussion, not embarass the posters.You should know better.
The man's position was hotel manager, and he was to start his position when we docked in San Diego.
WIth your great wealth of knowledge and expertise you should be able to confirm this with a call or two...
And, if you give a hoot on how you do your job, you could avoid this kind of problem by modifying your language a bit. Instead of stating flat out that 'crew members do not get balcony upgrades', you could try 'golly, I've never heard of this happening, and I've been in the business...etc' .....
The effect would be two-fold... you avoid calling the poster a liar, and you leave the door open just a crack to the possibilty that maybe you could be is the case here.
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