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Default Re: Re: Re: smoking on the millenium

I normally avoid "smoking threads" since I'm a smoker (not cigars), but .... what the heck.
When I sailed on Millennium (awhile back) and Summit (last month) I didn't note any of the rules for cigar smoking (I wasn't looking for it), but being a smoker I certainly took note of the rules for cigarette smoking.

All the cabins are "smoking allowed" cabins. NCL used to offer non smoking cabins, but not any more. Except for Carnival Paradise, all the major cruise lines have "smoking allowed" cabins, which I'd think would include the balconies.

So, at the moment, except for Paradise, it's NOT POSSIBLE to book a non smoking cabin, or side of the the ship,

One side of the ship's OUTSIDE public decks, bars and lounges are designated smoking areas, and one side non smoking. On the Millennium class ships, in the Rendezvous Lounge, and the Champagne/Martini bars the seperation seems decent because the rooms are large.

Even though I'm a smoker, I don't really understand why the cruise lines don't designate at least some lounges totally non smoking, and others (like Micheal's Club) totally smoking. Makes sense to me.

As to officers and crew being roomed in passenger cabins... I've been on a ship when there have been two Captains onboard. I guess a transition week, prior to one Captain leaving for vacation. I didn't ask where the "new" captain was staying, but I don't imagine they were bunking together<G>. Nor was he likely bunking with other crew down below.

If an officer were next door, and they were smoking a cigar (if its allowed or not), or anything else that annoyed a neighboring passengers, I'm sure a polite request directly to the officer would resolve the situation immediately.

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