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Default Hawaii Excursion Companies

Originally Posted by ginalondon View Post
looking for advice for Hawaii. We are trying to stay at around $100 per port for each tour.

For Maui, we are thinking the volcano tour looks good, but not sure if it is on a motorcoach bus. would prefer to go with a small group if possible. anyone done the one the ship offers? Princess Cruises : Haleakala Crater . What is better for Maui, an island type tour or a snorkeling tour. Can't really make up our minds on this one.

For Honolulu we are going to do an island tour. My favorite so far is Oahu Island Tour - Best of Oahu Island TourIt hits most of the hot spots we want to see and its $100 each which fits our budget

For Big Island we have already booked Big Island Volcano Tours and Excursions Hawaii. Big Island Volcano Tours and Excursions Hawaii
We paid $70. the similar tour from the ship is $150

Undecided for Kauai. Every tour seems expensive. We are considerint Paddle Kauai Jungle Streams, Kauai Kayaking & Canoeing | Tours, sightseeing tours, activities & things to do | or an island tour, if we can find a good rate. Anyone have recommendations

I think you have some great options, and I personally recommend as we have used them before and they offer great tour. Not a big fan of Viator tours, friends of our used them and missed the tour because the company is not responsible for time differences between ship time and port time.... you'd think they wouldn't allow you to book a tour that doesn' work with your port times, but they do. Island Marketing - Hawaii cruise Exucrsions made sure the times worked for us, they know their tours and times!
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