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Default Re: smoking on the millenium

Please read what I said again. I stated that crew are not assigned balcony cabins, I also stated that they do not get 'upgraded' or placed in passenger cabins as a reward. You also stated that this person was the "head of the kitchen", was upgraded as a reward, and then later the Hotel Manager. I also stated that I do not believe you were lying, you were the one that brought that up and even made a statement that I should not question it even if you were, but instead I said that you were probably mislead by the person occupying that cabin into believing he/she was not what they are. Your post back at me would probably have been deleted if directed at another person as it seems to be a personal attack, I left it up because I think my posts have always been able to stand up for themselves and my skin is pretty tough. I ALSO gave you what I thought was, and still think is good advice on how to handle the situation. Sorry you got upset but I was correcting a statement from you that crewmembers were upgraded to passenger cabins, which isn't correct and I do not want this mistake to be seen as factual.

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