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Good morning cruisers, cruisettes and all the ships at sea. It actually rained for about fifteen minutes this morning. We really need it. I've been watering my arborvitaes and smaller evergreens because they'll need it going into the Winter.

Yesterday I did my "cordnatin" of my office, got rid of some stuff out of the garage and changed the batteries in the Suburban. They weren't testing out as well as they should. They were six year batteries and the Chevy dealer gave me a 50% credit on two new ones. Not bad. The Suburban has the "cold weather" package so it has two batteries instead of one.

We will be leaving in a couple of hours to go and pick up the grandkids. I made a reservation at a local hotel that has a great pool for kids. We'll stay there tonight and let the kids swim their hearts out. It was actually less expensive to rent a room for the night than pay for four "pool packages" that gives you access to the pool, waterslides, and showers. It is included with the room. Though I'm not sure about it since the kids are going to be spending the next month in "hotels".

I hope everyone has a great weekend and has some Fall Fun.

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