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In April of this year we got a post card for a free cruise, we went to a presentation at a local hotel, listen to the sales pitch declined to enroll and got a certificate for a cruise to anywhere we want for 7 days, we mailed in the information, about 5 weeks later we received a packet and a nonrefundable fee for $99, we paid the $99, and got a form in the mail about 4 weeks later asking us to book when we wanted as long as it was off season and it had to be this year.

We found a cruise we want to go on in December of this year, we have mailed in the information and have talked with them via email,....they told us we will be responsible for all taxes and port fees,...and a travel agent will call us 30 days prior to our date of port. the fees will range around $150-$200 per person, im assuming we will also have to pay a travel agent fee,...i just received an email from them confirming my dates and they will be sending me the confirmation of dates in the mail, and someone will be calling us in November.

So far we have invested $99 bucks it has taken them on average about 5 weeks to respond to our mailouts and emails , im thinking if and when i get a call, i will know for sure, i know if its a travel agent they will be willing to give me all the information i need upfront, they also want us to have a good time "if its a real traval agent". in all the paperwork we have been given, and on all the carnival websites they say the travel agent will handle all the fees directly through them, my thinking is the travel agent when i speak to them, will let me know if it is a hit or miss, and for the record we know we are not dealing with carnaval cruise direct, not until we are talking with a travel agent

When we went to the presentation, it was for a travel company the guy selling it said he gets cheap cruises he can give away or sell during off season, ..whatever, ...the problem im having with this site and all the others, is no one goes as far as booking the cruise or talking to the travel agent to see if this is a real thing, i went on other scam sites as well but i havent heard of anyone going through with it to see if it was free or not, well... paying fees so not really free

We found what cruise we wanted to go on and if the travel agent isn't giving me what i want to hear i plan to book the cruise off of the carnival website anyway, its about 700 per person

if anyone has paid the port fees and booked a cruise with a travel agent or has actually went on a free cruise can you please post, ...ill keep you informed as to if this is a scam or not

the name of the company is cruisegift, its address is in houston, you can look them up online most of the info is people saying its a scam but no one has paid any port fees or went through with the offer, im just dying to find out, we just got another add the other day in the mail for another free cruise,.....bla bla, ill soon see
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