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I remember back in the days...flying National, Piedmont, Southern and Braniff.

On one flight to Florida on National, the stewardesses really went "above and beyond" and I so noted on a comment card that I handed to one of the stewardesses. After we had arrived at the gate and were getting ready to deboard, the head stewardess handed me not three bottles but three magnums of Champagne.

Other than the piston engined "Connie" or Super Constellation with the triple tail which I believe remains the most beautiful passenger aircraft that ever flew (and which many of you would not remember) my next favorite was the Boeing 727 (the jet with three engines in the tail) and that's the airplane used in that new pick-up truck commercial that the truck "rescues" when it puts it's front landing gear in the bed of the pick-up. At the time it was the most prolific passenger aircraft in the world.
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