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Now I'm beginning to wonder if this is going to turn into a "Who had it first?" thread, and if so, I want to put in my bid!

I was familiar with computers --- the room-sized tube jobs, that had to be programmed in machine language --- from working in the Research Center during my college days. So when the first personal machines came out, I bought one in 1978. Anybody else out there remember Kaypro? It was a "portable"; only weighed about 40 pounds, and looked kind of like a sewing machine case. It had 16 K (yes, K) of internal memory and dual 5" floppys; the inner memory bands of the floppys were used for temporary storage while you were working on something. It came with Perfect Writer, Perfect Calc, and a database program I don't remember the name of. I did many of my grad school papers on that machine and Perfect Writer remains the best word processor I've ever encountered.
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