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Originally Posted by RTALLEN View Post
I wasn't being sarcastic. I happen to like Early Saver. While I do agree there could be fewer restrictions, I also wish that the other cruise lines had something similar. I realize that not everyone is able to commit to a cruise 12 months in advance. But as of now, I'm happy knowing that we've saved money by booking early. Of course, should the prices happen to drop below what we originally paid, I certainly wouldn't turn down an adjustment or an on board credit. So again, hooray for Early Saver (no sarcasm intended).
Yeppers...ES can be a hero for many regarding price adjustments or OBC, but it has had its share of nightmare stories too. Personally I think it is a great program... really when you look at it, you stand to lose a max. of $50.00 p/p, but the remaining funds can be used towards final payment on a rescheduled cruise up to two years later. Not a bad risk in my eyes and agree with you in that other cruiselines should comsider something similar to stay in the comeptitive arena. CCL has always been the leader with new and creative ideas -or- perfecting other cruiselines ideas.....Kudos to CCL marketing and pricing stradegy
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