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Talking Here's my claim

Well, if we are playing Old Time Tales --

I first programmed in SOAP language in 1962 on a vacuum tube machine. I learned SUBALGOL, closely related to BASIC, in 1965 on an IBM 7090, a huge machine in an air conditioned room we were not allowed to enter.

Consequently I got my first computer long before the Internet, in about 1983. It was an Atari 400, with 8K of memory. Additional memory came in 8K units at $100 per unit. It used a cassette tape drive, and a couple of years later when I got a 5" floppy drive it seemed like a miracle. Hard drive? Not available til several years later, and at a huge price.

I started learning about this internet thing in the late 80's, but it was not until DD went away to college in 1991 that we thought it was worthwhile. (I think Al Gore invented it a couple of years later.) We signed up for AOL BEFORE AOL connected to the World Wide Web, just to get email.

I actually remember when Archie came before Google, and when ftp came before http.

Does that mean that I understand this 200 gig monster that now sits on my desk? Not for a minute! I still have to call my daughter to adjust my screen brightness!

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