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Default Oahu Tour and Pearl Harbor

Originally Posted by hawaiigirl100 View Post
Thanks for the insight. We just got back from our cruise and we booked our Maui snorkeling trip with Hawaii Cruise Excursions and Tours Guide for Tours on the Islands of Oahu, Maui Big Island and Kauai Hawaii. The online help was really helpful as I always seem to have a million questions i need ansered before i can make a decision. Really glad we took this tour. We also went to a luau that we found through the same company. We had front row seats for $80 per person. Without a doubt, it was the best price we found, and the show was really impressive. Loved the kahlua pork and the fresh fruit smoothies. Not a big fan of poi though, guess it's an aquired taste!
Did you take the Oahu tour that is listed on their site? There is one for 4 hours and one for 6 hours. Any idea which is better? We can also do Pearl Harbor on with either of these tours? How long does Pearl Harbor take?
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