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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
AR, my list is a few short of yours but I did fly on AirTran last week. Yes, they were bought by Southwest but are still operating as AirTran.

Many of those you mention are still in existence but as part of larger airlines. Although Piedmont and PSA have been merged with Agony Airlines (Allegheny) to form US Air, you can still see PSA (and I believe Piedmont) flights; sort of like United Express or other regional carrier.

The one on the list I really miss is Eastern. When I was flying frequently between Washington and Boston and Washington and Jacksonville, they treated me well. First airline I ever flew first class, first airline I ever flew on international frequent flyer ticket. OnePass with Peoples Express, New York Air, Continental, and Eastern was my favorite frequent flyer program for a number of years.
I thought I'd read that AirTran's certificate was transferred to Southwest, but I could have been dreaming. I know the brand is still being used to a limited degree. What I've wondered is what Southwest is going to do with all those 717s and whatever else AirTran flies that's not a 737. One of Southwest's big ideas for saving money has always been a single fleet type, and as far as I know it's worked pretty well for them.

And, I know that many of those on my list were merged, bought, absorbed or otherwise acquired by other lines. It's the disappearance of the brand that I'm really talking about. Also, I didn't split them when they just changed something for marketing reasons, like Northwest Orient becoming Northwest.

Totally agree about OnePass. I was often on each of those airlines and racked up some big numbers with them as well--and enjoyed some nice front-of-the-bus trips. We each still have significant balances in OnePass.

Which reminds me: anybody who has active accounts in both Continental OnePass and United Mileage Plus should go online and link the accounts. Once the merger is complete the account balances will be added up and merged under Mileage Plus. But be aware: Mileage Plus has and will continue to have expiration dates if there's no activity in the account over a certain period (I think it's 18 months). OnePass is somewhat unique in that it never has had any expiration dates, but it will once the accounts are merged into Mileage Plus. Be alert--don't let your miles expire!!
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