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Good Morning Donna,

I know you non-facebookians probably think I dropped off the face of the earth, but no I am still here...

Fortunately I have had my morning coffee and therefore I come in peace. I have been struggling with an ongoing computer problem... It isn't too major but it makes certain things just annoying enough that I lose motivation quickly and I give up lol, which is why I haven't been around here too much.

I heard a report that the weather should become more fall like starting today... but so far it is beautiful. I was greeted at the front door this morning by a new kitty named Walnut. Evidently he has adopted us and he shows up for food twice a day and pets and loving three times a day. Unfortunately the two indoor cats have laid down the law and said there shall be no more kitties in the house. So we put food out for him and I am not sure what will happen this winter. I may see if we can find a small house for him out on the back patio where he can hang out.

I am pleased to share that we finally booked another cruise. We'll be sailing on the Conquest out of New Orleans in January... They had a great deal for Indiana Residents that was cheaper than most 4 and 5 day cruises, so I said lets do it... We're so excited and can't wait! Should be lots of fun!

Not much else happening here. Things are quiet today. Just trying to stay on top of work and the kids schooling. Hope you all are well. Have a great day!

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