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Originally Posted by runatasha View Post
I guess you found my post very entertaining!. But I keep being serious, excuse me for my English!)

I love San Juan and have nothing to do with it as I find Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa and Orlando a little bit boring. By the way I haven't visited yet 3 of 5 ports of call on Caribbean Princess. Last time I sailed with her I remember the majority of passengers were not from San Juan which means nothing stopped them to fly to SJU from U.S. or Canadian location and I don't mention of course several groups of Europeans.

I am flying to NYC on the 16th, then to SJU on the 20th, planning to stay post cruise in San Juan till the 28-th or the 28th and then fly back home.
It's not your post!! Don't take it personally. Edwin and I have been on line buddies for a while We sometimes get a little crazy.

At least we now know your agenda and reasons for San Juan. I'm surprised others haven't made alternate suggestions.
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