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Talking Memory

Originally Posted by Mike M View Post

If you are running a system with 200 gig of memory (actually 192 GB) you must be running one expensive monster and using Windows 7 Home Premium or better and running a lot of 64 bit applications. You must like to do a lot of gaming.

Then again you could have an AIX SMP system running AIX.

That's one heck of system for home use.

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Well, I did spend megabucks on a fancy gaming system. I play a dwarf champion in Lord of the Rings Online and am currently riding through Dunland with the Gray Company carrying Arwen's banner to Aragorn. (see avatar)

But I think it is the hard drive that is 200G. See, I don't even know how to figure it out! When I had 64K memory, I knew exactly what was in every single byte of that memory and could do a complete core dump if I need to! Now I just flip the switch and start swinging my axe at orcs ... gotta do something with my time after I finish Cruisemates for the day ...

The Internet is such a valuable tool, isn't it??

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