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While I agree to a great degree, the true answer AR is so very very simple. All that has to be done is for all of our elected officials of both parties to put the good of the country FIRST! Of course both parties will disagree, but stop the nauseating nasty personal comments, asides, comments, etc. from both sides! I won an election I was never even supposed to "show up" at the polls, much less win by the biggest landslide in the history of the district which I won! Yet at no time did I ever denegrate nor besmirch my two opponents nor even speak against them. I merely said what I would do were elected and if folks wanted that then vote for me, if not, then vote for one of the other guys. My "handlers" went into cardiac arrest......until election night.

As regards the protests, this bespeaks volumes. One of the protestors all of whom are demanding decent jobs was asked, "If the manager of this bank came out right now and wanted to hire you, would you take the job?" The reply, "Hell NO! I'd never work for the S _ B!"

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