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Originally Posted by ToddDH View Post
While I agree to a great degree, the true answer AR is so very very simple. All that has to be done is for all of our elected officials of both parties to put the good of the country FIRST!

As regards the protests, this bespeaks volumes. One of the protestors all of whom are demanding decent jobs was asked, "If the manager of this bank came out right now and wanted to hire you, would you take the job?" The reply, "Hell NO! I'd never work for the S _ B!"

And I agree as well, but the issue ultimately is that the system as it operates now will not allow elected officials to put the country first. I read recently that Congresspeople spend between 50 and 75% of their work time raising money for the next election. Because they must. But how does this put the good of the country first? An outside force of some sort seems necessary to break the vicious cycle. Most of them are not the best and the brightest to begin with, but in fairness they're stuck in a system that literally will not allow them to do their jobs.

As far as the protester who wouldn't go to work for the bank. . .well, we've been hearing it for years: there are some jobs Americans just won't do. Okay, that's a joke, but it really does point out what you and I have agreed upon from the jump about the, shall we say, not fully baked positions of the protesting left or the tea-engorged right.
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