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For just under a year my best friend's son has been working for a large Washington based legal firm as a lobbyist/consultant.

During this time this list of "names" in government whom he has met with is amazing, and all inclusive of both parties.

His salary is in the six figures, and they've just offered him a new contract. If his work was ineffective they certainly wouldn't be continuing to offer him a lucrative salary.

It's just an example of what's true... money buys votes. And with last year's Supreme Court ruling allowing anyone can donate as much as they want "anonymously" (though of course they are known to those they are donating to) they've given the approval for the influence of money on the government to grow even further.

One person; one vote is a long gone pipe dream. Unfortunately votes are now dependant on millions of dollars, and promises of more.

What's happened is that today politicans are the best capitalists.
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