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Hi Paul, reading your report with "interest". I dont think any of us are at all surprised that you have a very negative approach to Seabourn. As you know, I am at the moment on Seabourn Pride, and if anyone reads both your report and mine, they would be like chalk and cheese. I pretty well stayed out of the disagreements between you and Eric, but some of the statements you have made about your current cruise and Seabourn in general, are really really weird!

QUOTE: " I wonít fly halfway across the world to join a cruise ship just to spend 90% of my vacation stuck on a cruise ship - I donít care how nice it is."

The only cruises that would spend 90% of their time "stuck" on a ship would be a TA Crossing. A crossing is a very small part of Seabourns itinerary. For you flying halfway across the World, would be Europe? Most European itineraries are very port intensive.

QUOTE: "that if you have tender issues and you booked this cruise for Bar Harbor, you would have been sadly disappointed."

Its always sad to have to miss a Port you have been looking forward to, but anyone who would book an entire cruise to just see one particular port, is only setting themselves up for disappointment anyway. There can always be changes to any itineray due to weather etc.....we still could have changes to our itinerary concerning Egypt etc...yes we will be disappointed, but its not the end of the World!
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