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Default well it can work to the benefit of everyone on board...

A beautiful lady friend of mine, who is quite prudish, told me that on her last cruise, the purser, was the first to try to charm her into a date for dinner. She refused, and continued to mind her own business.
The next day, the first officer, thought he would chance it...and too was knocked back.
But by the 5th day, and rejecting many advances, the captain having heard about this, decided there would be a good challenge here, and that no one had ever rejected his charms before. In fact he had a enviable reputation for this.
So he invited her to the captains table, and regaled her with stories and plied her with alcohol, and simply charmed her off her feet.
But there was to be no hanky panky. The next night, in port, he wood her yet again...but still no hanky panky.
The cruise had only three night to go, and after several dates, he had got no further than a peck on the cheek. He was becoming increasingly frustrated that all his wiles and charms were not working this time.
Then on the last but one night, she was approaching him from behind, as she saw him talking to the maitre D. She heard something which really alarmed her. She heard the captain say to the Maitre D " I'm telling you now.. I am going out of my mind....if I dont get that woman into my bed tonight, I dont think I can be held responsible for my actions..... I will sink the ship"....
And so I asked her, what happened next. She told me that she single handedly can claim to have saved the lives of 3600 passengers that night !!!
Now single and retired and looking to take more holidays and cruises for first time, but avoid supplements and not dine alone, and meet new people
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