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Well, I guess it was a little too far down the string to do a pop quiz, so for those who are still lurking. . .

Todd was closer than he realized when he guessed the Mayflower Hotel. Actually, the term "lobbyist" dates back to the Presidency of U.S. Grant, when those seeking favors would congregate in the lobby of the Willard Hotel, just down from the Treasury Department at 14th and Pennsylvania. There they would seek out and hustle both executive and legislative branch movers and shakers as they passed through, usually on their way to refreshment at the Round Robin bar or nearby Peacock Alley in that esteemed establishment.

We almost lost the Willard to the wrecker's ball in the late 70s and early 80s, but it has been gloriously restored and the lobby should be on everybody's list of things to see when they visit Washington. The Round Robin stands ready to welcome you if you're thirsty. The Willard is one of our grandest addresses, with a stunning historical pedigree to boot.

Last I saw, there was no bulletproof glass (or any other kind of glass) at the reception desk, and I must confess that I've never seen it anyplace else in town either. But I know there are some neighborhoods where it might be necessary.
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