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I have been having trouble posting on CM from the ship, which I don't think is the ship's fault. So, I really plan to do a more well-rounded report after the cruise.

I just want to say a few things regarding what I write - what I say is fact-based, I didn't set the schedule for the times in port, nor did I decided where the ship should anchor in Bar Harbor.

For some reason the remainder of ports on this cruise spend far more time ashore. Yesterday we were in NY City for 15 hours, and I had a fantastic time. I will be seeing Williamsburg on an 8-hour tour, and in Charleston for 8 or 9 hours.

But since this was sold as a "Fall Folliage" cruise I have to be honest and say (as an Arizonan who was really looking forward to seeing that aspect) that we didn't get much of that experience. Part of it is weather related - a late fall. But the short port times also played a part.

I do believe my reports are unbiased, and no cruise line should be an exception. I do not put myself in the usual Seabourn demographic. The people who are onboard seem to enjoy it a lot.

But I have to say this - I don't do this to put my personal opinion on any cruise line in the public eye - I do it to report what I see - no opinions attached. If you choose to focus solely on the negative things I mention that is up to you. I think I am pointing out both positive and negative aspects of the cruise.

I will have more later, I wanted to jot a quick answer to the above messages.

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